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cool vegan strappy flats with cut out hearts

Vegan flats with cut out hearts Oh I do so love these cute TUK shoes with their 3-strap action, cut out hearts and schoolgirl charm!

They have girlie rounded toes and are surprisingly sexy for flat. Maybe it’s all that black and red and the somewhat overstrapped look that makes them a bit reminiscent of some sort of manga bondage fantasy. I’ll leave that up to you, dear readers, to decide. I’m just going to think of how cool they’re going to look on.

You can get them from

Vegan Moschino bow flats

Vegan Moschino flats Melissa, eat your heart out!

I love the looks of these shoes. Especially the whole strappy thing they’ve got going on, that apart from looking hot also means the shoe is very airy.

The bow just makes them extra cute, a bit retro and almost a little bit cartoony. In a sweet and girlie way.

Being designer shoes, they are not cheap, but then, neither are Melissa Shoes and these are a lot less common.

You can get them from Moschino.

Vegan knot front ballet flats

vegan zebra ballet flats OK, so ballet flats are not exactly exciting, but they’re very useful – I end up wearing mine nearly all the time. Sometimes you just need a nice pair of every day shoes to put on. Shoes that are presentable, comfortable, versatile and pretty. Well, here they are.

Animal print never go out of fashion and neither will ballet flats. The knot effect at the vamp gives them a nice twist to keep things interesting and… voila! The perfect every day shoe. They come in a huge huge range of colours and fabrics. Not just animal prints – solids, lace, flower patterns, etc. Some are supposedly silk though, so beware.

You can get these from Amazon.

Neutral vegan flats with polka dot bow

vegan ballet pumps with bowHere’s another winner from the Rocket Dog simple, casual, yet funky shoe department. These trainer-esque flats come in either this handy grey or classic black and have lovely polka dot lining and, most importantly, a large polka dot bow at the front with a cute Rocket Dog logo button. You can practically wear them with anything and get a few “aaaaaaws” along the way.

They are called “Pogo”, maybe because they are so cute they’ll make you want to bounce around like an overexcited 5 year old.

You can get them on the Schuh website.

Cute vegan flats with rosette

girlie vegan flats These Ventura flats by Rocket Dog are casual, girlie and simple, but they have neat piping and a pretty rosette to make them stand out from your average casual ballet pump. They look a bit like trainers, but not quite. Sort of like a hybrid between a ballerina pump and Vans.

They make cute and comfy shoes to slip on when you’re going somewhere that doesn’t quite require dressing up, but they’ll still look more fashionable than just plain black flats.

You can get them from Schuh.

Awesome vegan skeleton flats

vegan skeleton flat pumps My friend Erin discovered these on eBay. Aren’t they totally hot?
Apparently they come in black as well, though I do like the red (but then I would).

They look comfy and seem great to wear with everything, as ballet pumps usually are, only you get the benefit of dancing skeletons and pretty flowers on the inside. Very Day of the Dead, I think you’ll find. As I am linking to an eBay listing, this link will probably expire at some point, but I’m sure eBay will give you a handy similar auctions list that will have other pairs of these pretty shoes.

In the meantime, you can click through to get them from the eBay site.