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Colourful vegan tribal ankle boots

tribal vegan ankle boots These tribal vegan boots may initially appear to be squarely in the tribal / hippie department but their somewhat 80s styling (they’re actually referred to as “retro” by the seller) does have a certain air of hipsterism you can use to your advantage. They come from Thailand and are made out of tribal fabrics by an enterprise working to empower local tribal women. These particular boots are made out of fabrics made by Akha tribal women, but the Etsy shop where I found them features stuff made from fabrics spun by the Hmong tribe as well. There are all kinds of vegan shoes, sandals and boots (including knee highs) in all kinds of mad colours. As with all stuff made out of tribal style arts, you can wear it full hippie with the whole harem trousers or sarong fabric dress thing or you could match it with more urban, classic stuff to just give a touch of hippie. Either way, I’m loving the black version.

Oh and they also do some shoes for men and some of them are quite unusual. I like these.

Check out the stuff in the Estsy shop.

Unusual vegan designer platform ankle boots

vegan designer platform shoes These ever so slightly mad boots from wacky Canadian designers, Fluevog, are called “Tailor”. The vegan version is this paint-splattered denim material, but there is also a non-vegan brown version (so watch out). I’m totally loving the curved heels and the visible seams. Being me, I wish they also came in plain black fabric, but denim can be pretty versatile too. They’re definitely different. If you like the material but not the style, check out the Guide mary janes they make, which come in the same material but are, well, chunky mary janes. They’re also pretty awesome.
You can get both of these from the Fluevog site.

Hip Chinese vegan trainers

ospop vegan trainers
Aren’t these neat? They’re a bit like Palladiums and a bit like Converse but really nothing like either. They’re “proudly made in China” by people keen to prove not everything out of China is totalitarian and cruel to animals. They are suitable for both men and women, come in a load of colours (as you can see) and are designed to be durable and long-lasting (yes, not everything that comes out of China falls apart after a few days).

You can learn more about them on the Ospop website.

Funky cone-heeled vegan ankle boots

Vegan ankle boots Well, it’s certainly sales season and everywhere you go is selling something off for less than it was. These super cute ankle boots by Novacas are in the Fashion Conscience sale, alongside other great vegan shoes (and some non-vegan shoes, so be careful!). They’re sort of butch and short of femme all at the same time and have that slight alternative chunky edge I really love about Novacas’ shoes. It reminds me of Bronx Shoes a bit, which I also love the look of, but they’re always made of leather (boo hiss).
These boots are reduced by £22 which is not a huge amount, but it’s a nice amount to not have to pay.

Get them on the Fashion Conscience site.

Vegan black lace steampunk ankle boots

Vegan women's steampunk boots Steampunk has got a bit of catching up to do before it offers good choices for the fashionable vegan, but as it becomes more popular, the alternative vegan shoe staple companies are catching on and putting out more offerings. Sadly, this is a double edged sword as it means that, well, steampunk is now mainstream. On the other hand, if you like the style then you can actually now rock something cruelty-free and still look pretty cool.

So here we have another style from TUK who’ve already given us some nice Victorian-style boots. These are lovingly named “A7999L” and no, that isn’t some l33t speak or futuristic fantasy name, but a dull model number. Couldn’t they have come up with some fancy name for them? Oh well, at least they’ve got frills on the actual shoe, as well as nicely gothic lace panels and girlie scalloped bits.

The platform look may be more 1970s than 1870s but beggars can’t be choosers. These will fit a girlie steampunk or Victorian outfit nicely.

Get them at

You can see some more victorian / steampunk vegan boots here

Sexy vegan goth boots with skull buckles

Vegan goth boots with skull buckles They might not look it, but these utterly goth-tastic (or skull-icious, if you prefer) ankle boots are 100% vegan friendly. Ogle their dark awesomeness! Pointed toes, a little heel and, of course, the 3 skull buckles make them extra awesome, as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously (and what goth ever does, eh?)

I’m totally loving these and even though I know there is no shortage of vegan goth shoes (as there is no shortage of vegan goths), I do think it helps to have super awesome ones turn up every once in a while on this blog. Don’t you think?

You can get these lovely boots from Endless.

New Olsen Haus vegan autumn boots

Vegan designer ankle boot from Olsen Haus Well, autumn is definitely here and so are all the autumn collections. This season’s Olsen Haus collection has all kinds of interesting finds in it – lots of big wedges and somewhat crazy shoes, alongside a couple of cool knee high boots. I liked these because they are simple enough to wear every day and yet beautifully made and definitely “designer”. Maybe it’s because the only way I can foresee paying designer prices for shoes is if I get a lot of wear out of them, year after year and some of the new shoes and boots in the range are just a bit too big and weird for me (though I do like the wooden wedge one very much!)

Check out the full range at Olsen Haus.

Vegan purple brogue boots

vegan boots Although these look unisex, they are actually for women. They’re not exactly ultra feminine in style, but I do love the colours and if you like your style a little bit more comfortable and sensible than classically girlie then you will also love these. They’re not cheap but they are handmade in the UK and will last you forever (especially as they can be refurbished). They’re made by Freerangers who make a whole big range of vegan shoes and bags, including, you may be interested in discovering, a Celtic range of vegan sporrans and related items for the cruelty-free Scottish gentleman.

Get these from the Freerangers site.

Vegan Dr Marten boots at last

Vegan doc marten boots Yes, you’re reading this right. After all these years and their infamous shift to manufacturing their shoes in China, which saw the end of the original vegan Dr Marten boots (those with fabric uppers and no leather), Dr Martens have finally come out with an official vegan range. It’s very small (only these boots in black and the “cherry” colour and a low shoe in these two colours), but it’s vegan and it’s docs. These were pointed out to me by a reader who’s bought the boots and swears that they are the most comfortable and best made vegan boots you’re ever likely to wear.

This is very exciting indeed.

You can get them from the Dr. Marten site.

Cute vegan ruffle ankle boots

vegan ruffle ankle boots These ruffle boots I found on Modcloth are so cute! I love the unusual colour and the ruffles make them extra fun and attention-grabbing. It’s been a while since I’ve checked out Modcloth and there are some really pretty shoes there, though most of the really gorgeous designer ones are in some way leathery. At least there’s these and they’re certainly dishy and a teeny bit 90s at the same time (the heel, mostly).

The world certainly needs more vegan shoes of unusual colours! The world also needs vegan shoes that are black, brown, grey and red, but it would be nice to be able to enjoy the full range of colours our leather-wearing friends do.

That’s why it makes me extra happy when I see boots like these. Apart from, you know, the awesome ruffles.

You can get these from the Modcloth website.

Hot new vegan shoe designs coming your way

vegan shoes I got contacted by Petra Holíková, the designer of this beautiful vegan shoes and it made me very happy. Aren’t these amazing? Click the image to go to a bigger image where you can get a really good look! They’re all made of natural cotton and rubber, so very eco friendly and the designs are pretty unique and very beautiful. If you’re anything like me then you’ll be keen to get your hands on these shoes and the good news is that even though these were a project for Holíková ‘s design MA, you will be able to get them very soon.
The bad news it that they’re only coming out in August or September and the site that will sell them is in Slovakia. Still, it’s got English on it, so you won’t need to struggle with a foreign language to own these. I can’t wait myself!

When the time comes, you’ll be able to buy them from Novesta

Vegan lace ankle-high wellies

Vegan half wellies Festival season is back and seeing as I’ve had my share of rainy festivals, my optimism is reduced to choosing half wellies over full wellies if I think it’s going to be a relatively good weekend.

These lace wellies by Mel (cheaper sister company of Melissa Shoes) may not save you if the mud really hits the fan, but for a slightly damp festival they’re certainly more interesting than Farmer Giles wellies or even Hunters that have kinda been done to death. I take no responsibility for any accidents that may happen if you spend too many festivals walking around in these in rocky, muddy fields – these are quite cheap and probably meant as stylish urban rain boots in countries where rain boots can be seen as urban and stylish. Also, I have no idea what the grip is like on these. All I know is that they’re about as sexy as you can get for wellies without having a rubber boot fetish.

You can get them from Schuh.

Cute vegan white floral ankle boots

Vegan floral boots I do so like these. They look sort of like desert boots but crossed with a lovely retro fabric all flowery and sweet.

There’s definitely a fashion statement to be had here of the quirky and fun variety. It’s like instant spring on your feet, which is a very cheery thing indeed.

These flowery fabrics seem to be making quite the comeback on shoes as of late. I’ve seen a few other hits in this general trend that I’m going to write about soon.

For now, you can get your hands on these if you’re quick enough. They’re available now on Modcloth.

Vegan wedge boots with blue sequins

Vegan blue sequin ankle boots I wrote about the Minky Linky boots before in leopard but now they’re in the sale and I’ve discovered a whole load of new materials and colours, including these hot hot blue sequinned ones. They also come in black sequin and a gorgeous oriental embroidered satin version. Beware of some versions of this boot that are not vegan, though! Sadly, the pink leopard print version is made out of “cow hair”. What? Why???

They are now half price in the Office sale.

Vegan studded teal ankle boots

vegan teal ankle boots Another find in the Office sale. These also come in black and brown, but I actually like this colour. It’s unusual but still neutral enough to blend with most things. The black version seems to have silver studs on it instead of gold, which is nice.
The split at the top reminds me of some (leather) Irregular Choice shoes and looks a bit like petals.

You can get them at the Office sale.