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Vegan leopard print wedge sandals

Vegan leopard print wedge sandals Cute vegan sandals for summer! These are simple and sweet, they look comfortable and they have a leopard print pattern. They also come in the natural raffia colour if leopard print is a bit wild for you, which is also nice. Either of these will make nice smart-casual shoes for the beach-side bar.

You can get them from Endless.

Ultra-chic vegan retro kitten heels with leopard print fan

Vegan retro kitten heels Roni Kantor, one of my favourite vegan designers has brought out her summer collection and I want all of it. I’m going to have to choose just the one pair (or am I?). I’m showing these because there’s a shortage of attractive vegan shoes that are feminine and sexy but not on super high heels. These are tiny kitten heels and she also does completely flat shoes with similar touches of leopard print or other colours in the fan pattern. Great if you want to look the part but hate wearing heels.

She used to sell her shoes on Etsy but doesn’t seem to anymore. If you want these, contact her through her Facebook page and ask how you can order them.

Vegan blue and pink cheetah print trainers

vegan blue leopard print trainers Astute readers would have undoubtedly noticed the lack of post yesterday. This is because your resident shoe addict is currently on self imposed exile in the far East, far away from shoes and other addictions harmful and otherwise. This post is actually coming to you from chilly Mcleod Ganj, high(ish) up in the Himalayan foothills, following too short a stint in beautiful Kashmir, far from Internet and even mobile reception. So things might be a bit random for a while, but I shall attempt to post regularly.

I just found these on the Schuh site and they look super fun. A nice twist on the leopard print (technically cheetah print, apparently, but as they say in India – same same). Little silver sparkles on the laces remind me of everything that was good about the 80s and the pink soles are a well thought out surprise. Definitely another fine hit from Vans.

You can get them from Schuh.

Awesome vegan men’s leopard print shoes

Vegan men's leopard print shoes I swear to god, if I were a man, half my shoes would come from Momentum.

Check out these cooler than cool fabric leopard print lace up shoes with their boat shoes detailing at the top and neat orange touches! Inside the shoes and at the back of the sole there seem to be little name tags, like you’d have for kids. “My name is _____ and I live at ____”. How weird. I wonder how many guys would actually fill those out (at least the ones inside).

As with all Momentum shoes I’ve seen, they have the cool skull “charm” thing, on the laces. This time in black. I totally love these shoes. I’d buy them for myself if I had bigger feet!

All you lucky, stylish vegan guys can get them from Schuh. Oh yeah, and did I mention that these are limited edition? Only 500 made apparently. So hurry up!

Vegan veggie shoes limited edition trainers

vegan trainers Here’s an interesting new development – Vegetarian Shoes have come out with a whole limited edition range of their cute Cheetah trainers. Only one or two sizes out in each, but really fun and unusual colour combinations. If they have something you like in your size then grab it quick, as all of these are made out of remnants and things, so there are really only a few pairs in each size (sometimes just the one) and as the old saying goes, when they’re gone they’re gone.

Get them at Vegetarian Shoes.

Beautiful vegan Vivienne Westwood mock croc heels

Vegan Vivienne Westwood heels Would you believe these beautiful Vivienne Westwood heels are vegan and made of that special Melissa Shoes plastic? Aren’t they totally awesome? These are probably the most “adult” shoes she’s designed for Melissa. I don’t mean adult in an adult movie way but in a grown up way. I love all the shoes she’s done for Melissa but they have certainly been very playful, obviously drawing inspiration from the materials and appealing to quite a fashion-savvy, young at heart audience that’s not afraid of wearing quirky plastic shoes.

These, on the other hand, while they do come in a few loud, plastic colours, are much more serious-looking. You could wear them to your gallery opening and still get away with it. One assumes they look more rubbery in person than on the Internet, but I still reckon you’d need to be pretty close to notice.

Either way, you can get them from Endless.

Vegan leopard print flat summer pumps

Vegan leopard print summer pumps These cute vegan pumps are actually Crocs. I know, that surprised me too. They’re called Carlie and are a little bit shiny, as well as most likely very comfortable and fun. They’re made out of that famed Crocs material, which makes them somewhat unsuitable for that lawn party at the embassy, but perfect beach and every day summer footwear. Their style and the leopard print pattern make them surprisingly trendy for Crocs. I actually really like the looks of these.

You can get them from Schuh in the UK.

In the USA you can get them from Amazon.

Vegan mock croc & rope Christian Siriano heels

Vegan mock croc heels I was hoping the new season would deliver more interesting vegan shoes on my favourite hidden designer shoe trove, Payless, but I was decidedly unimpressed with most of what I saw.

I did like these, though, by Christian Siriano. They’re simple classics with a cool croc skin like pattern but with an interesting twist in the shape of that woven midsole feature that looks very much like rope. Add to that the peep toe, 4″ heel and hidden platorm and you’ve got yourself one sexy and unusual shoe that’s nonetheless versatile and smart. Not too smart, though, the woven bit makes it a bit more casual and quite summery, which is fine by me.

You can get these from Payless.

Pointy vegan leopard print flats

Vegan leopard print flats For a mere £18 you could do a lot worse than these cute leopard print & black vegan flats. The have a cute bow and pointy toes, making them a little bit interesting.

If you like flats and are looking for new shoes to brighten up your fun, every day collection, then go for it.

Another happy find in the Office sale!

Drool-worthy vegan wooden wedge heels

Vegan designer wedge bootsI got so excited about these I accidentally posted this yesterday. If you were fast enough, you got a sneak preview. I could have let you have it, but no. You only get one post a day so here it is.

I gotta say that these utterly delectable vegan boots from Cri de Coeur are making me want to do things to shoes that shouldn’t be discussed in polite company. They have an actual wooden platform – not fake plastic wood. This makes me happy in a special way.

Unlike most shoes with a real wooden platform, though, they are made out of fake suede and fabric, without any leather in sight. The fact that they are also ethical and eco-friendly makes them even sexier.

I think I may actually be in love. Why don’t you run along now and look at them, so I can stay on my own for a little while and look at them too?

You can get them from For $390. Sigh.

Vegan Christian Siriano boots

Vegan Christian Siriano bootsHere’s another Payless designer vegan cheapie. This time it’s from Christian Siriano who, in case you didn’t know, won Project Runway’s fourth season. Victoria Beckham is a fan, though I’m not sure that would sell it to me.

These will definitely draw attention and they have a sort of Italian charm to them that looks like something you’d pay a lot more than $60 for.

You can get them from the very unlikely place that is the Payless website.

Cute vegan zebra 3-strap flats

Vegan zebra flat pumps These cute grey zebra flats by Draven Shoes are now on sale. They are cute, functional and just a little bit twisted with what looks like a barbed wire lining? It’s amazing how the addition of 3 simple straps can make a common ballerina flat a bit more exciting to look at.

I wonder if that zip hides a tiny little pocket or is just for show? That would be pretty cool.

Somebody buy them and tell me!

You can get them from Draven Shoes.

Slutty vegan red leopard print pointy heels

If you’ve been searching for red vegan leopard print heels, look no further! These somewhat 80s-tastic pointy heels are here for you. Slut-a-licious!

If you have hipster tendencies you can wear them ironically with some sort of high fashion skinny jeans or leggings based attire, otherwise, well, put on your vintage 80s prom dress and off you go.

These are another find in the Office shoes sale

Vegan mock croc knee high boots

vegan mock croc bootsAlthough I have been personally spared so far, I am getting reports telling me winter is decidedly on its way. As we all know, winter is that annoying season of the year when mainstream designers abandon the more “whimsical” vegan materials and turn to good old leather for comfort. Bleah.

Luckily, there are vegan shoe designers out there, such as Cri de Coeur. Here’s some mock croc boots for you. They come in this and a darker shade (called “black” but it isn’t) and even though they are officially from last winter’s season, they are timeless enough for any season.

You can get these from Amazon.

Vegan leopard print lace up flats

vegan leopard print flat shoes Here are some neat leopard print flats from Urban Outfitters. They have something of the 80s in them (they do go so well with skinny jeans or leggings) and are versatile, simple and fun. To make things even better, they are also under £30. The pattern itself is pretty funky – not your usual leopard print.
This could be good for standing out, though possibly not that great for matching with other leopard bits in an outfit. I like it, either way.

You can get them from Urban Outfitters.