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Vegan creeper trainers

Vegan creeper trainersSo…Creepers and Converse-style trainers got together and had a lovechild. This is the result. The “schuh creep platform lo flats” (you’ll need to search on this name to find them on the site) give you the best of both worlds when it comes to ultimate coolness. If you like creepers and trainers, now you won’t have to choose any more. Interestingly, they are called the “lo flats”. Does this mean we are to see the hi ones as well at some point in the future? I shall keep you posted.

Meanwhile, you can get these from Schuh.

Mad vegan monster heels with little hearts

vegan monster shoes Well, I was looking for some cheesy heart shoes to blog about for Valentine’s Day but instead I found these TUK “frankenheart” shoes that look a bit more suited to Halloween. Still, they’re weird, they have hearts on them and they seem to be stitched together roughly, like a Frankenstein monster. Sounds about right for my Valentine’s Day, then!

I’m not sure why you might want heels that look like they’ve been cut out of Frankenstein, but they’re green and purple and they made me laugh. There are some better pics of them online elsewhere, but so far I’ve only managed to find them in size 4, apart from that has them in 3 different sizes. If you’re feeling pin upy, retroish, romantic and ghoulish at the same time, then these are the perfect shoes for you.

Vegan black lace steampunk ankle boots

Vegan women's steampunk boots Steampunk has got a bit of catching up to do before it offers good choices for the fashionable vegan, but as it becomes more popular, the alternative vegan shoe staple companies are catching on and putting out more offerings. Sadly, this is a double edged sword as it means that, well, steampunk is now mainstream. On the other hand, if you like the style then you can actually now rock something cruelty-free and still look pretty cool.

So here we have another style from TUK who’ve already given us some nice Victorian-style boots. These are lovingly named “A7999L” and no, that isn’t some l33t speak or futuristic fantasy name, but a dull model number. Couldn’t they have come up with some fancy name for them? Oh well, at least they’ve got frills on the actual shoe, as well as nicely gothic lace panels and girlie scalloped bits.

The platform look may be more 1970s than 1870s but beggars can’t be choosers. These will fit a girlie steampunk or Victorian outfit nicely.

Get them at

You can see some more victorian / steampunk vegan boots here

cool vegan strappy flats with cut out hearts

Vegan flats with cut out hearts Oh I do so love these cute TUK shoes with their 3-strap action, cut out hearts and schoolgirl charm!

They have girlie rounded toes and are surprisingly sexy for flat. Maybe it’s all that black and red and the somewhat overstrapped look that makes them a bit reminiscent of some sort of manga bondage fantasy. I’ll leave that up to you, dear readers, to decide. I’m just going to think of how cool they’re going to look on.

You can get them from

Super cute vegan shin-high kitty boots

Vegan cat face boots Today on Vegan Shoe Addict, I’d like to talk about addiction. Addiction is a serious issue that affects many people. It can take many forms. Some people are addicted to drugs, others to drink or crap TV. Recently, a friend has confessed to me her addiction to TUK kitty shoes.

Sadly, I am to blame for her affliction in some way, as I was the one who wrote about the original kitty shoes on this very blog. Since then, TUK have brought out a few more styles and her condition has worsened.

Therefore it is with a slightly heavy heart that I reveal to you these ultra-fucking-super-awesome plaid kitty boots, measuring at the stylishly punk shin height – slightly higher than proper ankle boots. It’s like putting smack in front of a junky, so I can only take comfort in the fact that she probably already owns a pair. Oh and the fact that these are totally fucking awesome. That’s also pretty comforting.

All you other junkies can get these on Endless.

Vegan converse all black (monochrome) knee high boots

Converse all black knee high boots Oh yes, happy day! Remember when I wrote about the buckled up converse knee highs and wished they’d make an all black version? Well, they haven’t made a buckled all black version yet as far as I can tell, but they have made an all black knee high boot and here it is! It’s called the “Womens Converse As Xx Hi Trainers” and is available exclusively at Schuh in the UK (apparently) for a mere £50 including postage.
These are so cool on so many levels I may actually have to try them on. For some reason, Converse shoes never quite seem to agree with the shape of my feet, but for these, I’m willing to suffer the slings of minor discomfort.

You can get them from Schuh.

Sexy vegan goth boots with skull buckles

Vegan goth boots with skull buckles They might not look it, but these utterly goth-tastic (or skull-icious, if you prefer) ankle boots are 100% vegan friendly. Ogle their dark awesomeness! Pointed toes, a little heel and, of course, the 3 skull buckles make them extra awesome, as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously (and what goth ever does, eh?)

I’m totally loving these and even though I know there is no shortage of vegan goth shoes (as there is no shortage of vegan goths), I do think it helps to have super awesome ones turn up every once in a while on this blog. Don’t you think?

You can get these lovely boots from Endless.

Vegan Dr Marten boots at last

Vegan doc marten boots Yes, you’re reading this right. After all these years and their infamous shift to manufacturing their shoes in China, which saw the end of the original vegan Dr Marten boots (those with fabric uppers and no leather), Dr Martens have finally come out with an official vegan range. It’s very small (only these boots in black and the “cherry” colour and a low shoe in these two colours), but it’s vegan and it’s docs. These were pointed out to me by a reader who’s bought the boots and swears that they are the most comfortable and best made vegan boots you’re ever likely to wear.

This is very exciting indeed.

You can get them from the Dr. Marten site.

Vegan knee high converse boots with buckles and straps

Knee high vegan converse boots with buckles I know we all loved the extra high converse boots I wrote about a while back, so now you’re all going to totally adore these. Check em out! They are knee high, they have a zip, they are black and flat and awesome but they also have buckles and straps for that extra clubby, alternative rocker look. I am totally loving the looks of these, though I’d probably change the laces from white. How I wish they’d do an all black version of these!

You know you want them. You know I want them. They’re currently exclusive to Schuh in the UK. Not sure where in the US you can get them. Feel free to comment and let your fellow vegan shoe lovers know, although Schuh do actually deliver worldwide.

Here is where these live on the Schuh site.

Massive vegan lace up platform shoes

Big vegan lace up platform shoes I know this style has been around for years, but I just came across it while cruising for vegan shoes and I do so love it. They’re made by Demonia and I know for a fact they’re quite light, even though the platforms are huge. They’re the sort of shoes you could wear with the straightest outfit and they’d instantly turn it into an alternative punk / goth / almost fetishy costume.

They come in some very big sizes which means they could potentially fit some men too, and I guess they look sort of unisex in a clown shoe sort of way.

You can get them from for $60, which is not at all bad, really.

Vegan one of a kind upcycled canvas boots

Vegan zombie knee high boots Now, before you get too excited about these particular vegan boots, you should know that these were one of a kind and have already sold. The good news is that the person who sells these on Etsy (where I have been spending some days looking at vegan shoes) will make you similar ones. In fact, there’s a whole load of different styles you can get in customised Converse-like knee high boots (with a zip) and there’s even another type of vegan boot that isn’t Converse that you can get customised.

They’re not all doom and gloom, by the way, I just liked these.

Check them out on Etsy.

Mean-looking vegan boots

Vegan knee high boots These big, mean looking boots look all serious and hard, but inside they are apparently all warm and fuzzy – felt lined, that is. They sort of look like biker boots and, while I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to protect me in a crash, they certainly look like they’d blend in with that type of look.

They come in black and brown and look pretty much perfect winterwear for the more outdoorsy of you. I reckon they wouldn’t be too bad as club or festivalwear either, especially in wet countries.

You can get them from Moo Shoes.

Camo clubber vegan heels

Vegan camo heels You know when you’re going out to the underground rave and you want to look all anarchist and industrial but you also want to look super girlie? Well, I don’t so much, cause I’m more of a big boots person when I go out raving, but hell, these are pretty damn cool so I may just reconsider. The chunky sole gives them an industrial edge and the camo is muy underground. But hey, they’re high and they’re sexy, just like you’d be if you were wearing them at a rave.

You can get them from Rocket Dog. They also come in black.

Loud vegan pin up heels

Vegan pin up heels These sort of twist the meaning of pin up heels, cause they have an actual pin up girl on them. They’re sort of 80s trashy in a way, but also classy enough in their own special way. For the extra cartoony touch, see the inside of the shoe for a wolfy surprise!

Another pair of wicked heels from TUK. You can get them on Amazon.

Vegan Ed Hardy Heels

Vegan Ed Hardy Heels There you go! A nice pair of spiky, stylish yet appealingly trashy Ed Hardy heels with a swish tattoo flash design. It’s got a heart, it’s got a peacock feather and it’s sexy black. That’s classic retro tattoo charm right there.

I love that they look sort of like the sort of shoes TUK chrun out (which I love), but they’re different in a very LA sort of way.

They actually seem to make quite a few different kinds of vegan heels. In fact, I’m not at all convinced most, if not all of their shoes are vegan.

You can get them from the Ed Hardy site.