Vegan shoes without the legwork

NOT VEGAN! glitter girlie brogue flats

NOT VEGAN!  glitter girlie brogue flats
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vegan glitter brogues

I had a report from a reader that these shoes have leather lining, after posting about them here. I am leaving this post here as a warning, in case you are interested in buying them. There are plenty of other vegan brogues on my site that are vegan, though I am not sure I have glitter ones.

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2 thoughts on “NOT VEGAN! glitter girlie brogue flats”

  • Hey – just to let you know I went to Office today with a view to getting the glittery blue pair and was dismayed to find that although the outside of the shoe is PU, the inside is leather. Hey ho! Didn’t *need* them anyway 🙂

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