Vegan shoes without the legwork

Damn! Not vegan Mad vegan Vegas heels

Damn! Not vegan Mad vegan Vegas heels
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Crazy vegan heels

I wrote a whole post about these shoes, because they appeared to be vegan on the Schuh site.
However, it turns out they have a bit of leather on them and are not 100% vegan. What a pisser.

I hate it when that happens. Shoe shops forget to mention that there’s a leather trip on the shoe. I was looking at the Irregular Choice site today and it mentions it. Leaving this here as a warning. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, avoid these! They are not vegan.

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2 thoughts on “Damn! Not vegan Mad vegan Vegas heels”

  • I have been visiting your blog quite some time and I think this is the first time I am commenting. I really think you are doing something quite amazing here. I am trying to slowly make a trasition in my lifestyle towards a more animal/ planet/ nature friendly one and your blog has helped me a great deal.

    It would be wonderful to stay in touch if you would not mind. I know you must be really busy but when you have a minute you can find me on blogger/ bloglovin/ twitter/ facebook. Just let me know where you’d like to connect.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  • Hi there, I have just discovered your blog and being a shoe lover and Vegetarian I was quite excited! I used to be an irregular choice lover but when they started using fur (I checked and yes it was ‘rabbit’ fur) I had to cease my purchasing of their beautiful shoes. I try and avoid shoes where ever I can but I felt I could not support a brand that uses fur too.
    Such a shame! On the look out for a replacement brand to covet if you have any suggestions?

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