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Vegan creeper trainers

Vegan creeper trainersSo…Creepers and Converse-style trainers got together and had a lovechild. This is the result. The “schuh creep platform lo flats” (you’ll need to search on this name to find them on the site) give you the best of both worlds when it comes to ultimate coolness. If you like creepers and trainers, now you won’t have to choose any more. Interestingly, they are called the “lo flats”. Does this mean we are to see the hi ones as well at some point in the future? I shall keep you posted.

Meanwhile, you can get these from Schuh.

Hip Chinese vegan trainers

ospop vegan trainers
Aren’t these neat? They’re a bit like Palladiums and a bit like Converse but really nothing like either. They’re “proudly made in China” by people keen to prove not everything out of China is totalitarian and cruel to animals. They are suitable for both men and women, come in a load of colours (as you can see) and are designed to be durable and long-lasting (yes, not everything that comes out of China falls apart after a few days).

You can learn more about them on the Ospop website.

Vegan EVA trainers

Vegan EVA trainers If Brazil is the undisputed queen of sexy jelly shoes (Melissa, Grendha, etc.) then Canada is the queen of EVA shoes of questionable fashionability (I’m not sure there is such a word as fashionability, but if not, there ought to be). I’m sure you all know Crocs come from Canada and while the originals were about as fashionable as Ugg (ugh) boots, they are for some reason extremely popular. They’ve improved a bit as far as design goes and actually have some reasonably pretty shoes nowadays for women, though they are not in my good books right now as my Carlie peep toes have been absolutely killing the backs of my heels and costing me heaps of cash in plasters.
Aaaaanyway… Although I am yet to update my travel blog on the matter (it’s coming), I am currently in the Philippines, where I have come across a shop selling these shoes by Native. They’re also from Canada, also made out of that ultra-light, supposedly breathable EVA material and also vegan. On the other hand, they’re perforated for better air circulation and look like funky retro trainers/sneakers, rather than something that came off the end of Mickey Mouse’s foot. I’m sure the real fashion royalty among you are going to be horrified by the thought of EVA shoes of any sort (I do believe it’s some sort of plastic or rubber that’s meant to be eco friendly), but these do come in all kinds of mad and fun colours and make super cute summer or beach shoes. There are a few other designs too, all modeled after classic trainers styles – loafers, etc. and they come in sizes to fit both men and women.

I’ve managed to find some on Endless in the US and Amazon in the UK.

Vegan blue and pink cheetah print trainers

vegan blue leopard print trainers Astute readers would have undoubtedly noticed the lack of post yesterday. This is because your resident shoe addict is currently on self imposed exile in the far East, far away from shoes and other addictions harmful and otherwise. This post is actually coming to you from chilly Mcleod Ganj, high(ish) up in the Himalayan foothills, following too short a stint in beautiful Kashmir, far from Internet and even mobile reception. So things might be a bit random for a while, but I shall attempt to post regularly.

I just found these on the Schuh site and they look super fun. A nice twist on the leopard print (technically cheetah print, apparently, but as they say in India – same same). Little silver sparkles on the laces remind me of everything that was good about the 80s and the pink soles are a well thought out surprise. Definitely another fine hit from Vans.

You can get them from Schuh.

Vegan veggie shoes limited edition trainers

vegan trainers Here’s an interesting new development – Vegetarian Shoes have come out with a whole limited edition range of their cute Cheetah trainers. Only one or two sizes out in each, but really fun and unusual colour combinations. If they have something you like in your size then grab it quick, as all of these are made out of remnants and things, so there are really only a few pairs in each size (sometimes just the one) and as the old saying goes, when they’re gone they’re gone.

Get them at Vegetarian Shoes.

Cool vegan New Balance trainers

Vegan new balance trainers My last couple of posts have been about vegan shoes produced by big name brands and here’s another one. New Balance have been doing vegan trainers for ages and their shoes are readily available everywhere. Think what you will about mass produced footwear, I do think there’s something good about having vegan life choices catered for by big brands worldwide. If nothing else, it sometimes means veganism and vegetarianism are considered powerful consumer preferences that need to be catered for. I’m not sure this is relevant here, though, as New Balance, as I said, have been doing this for years and their trainers are sold on many vegan shoe sites.

These are general training shoes, out of a range that covers all kinds of sports activities from trail running to cross training. I like the blue sole and highlights and I like the fact that they’re black, though they do come in a bunch of other colours too.

You can get them from

Vegan Nike trainers

Vegan nike trainers I know some of you have issues with Nike, so this post is not for you. I also know many of you don’t have any other issues with Nike, apart from not being able to find any of their shoes in vegan. This includes reader Tze-Wen (Hi!) who emailed in to tell me about these very cool Nike trainers for women. So now I am sharing this knowledge with you. These are made out of shiny black nylon fabric and are complemented with a bright neon sole (I wonder if it actually glows in UV?)

If black and pink/orange are not your thing, there’s also a grey and fluoro yellow version available.

All in all, these are really cool trainers, so if you’ve been gagging for a pair of Nikes but have so far been unable to find a vegan pair, then now’s your chance.

You can get them from Schuh.

Lovely Men’s hi top plimsoles

Vegan men's high top plimsoles I thought I’d take a break from going through my shoes and let you know about the awesome Schuh sale that’s on right now. I was browsing their site and found these wicked plims by Momentum. Check out the cool little skull on the laces and I do so love the shape of these. You wanna know the best bit? These are £8. Yes, £8! Better get in there quick, boys, while they still have your size, as these are totally versatile and totally cute. Sometimes I wish I had giant feet so that I could wear blokes’ shoes, cause I do so love the Momentum stuff.

So if you do have giant feet, head over to Schuh, where you can get these (and loads more stuff in the sale).

Eco-friendly vegan slip on trainers

vegan sneakers trainers I usually use Twitter to spread the word about shoes featured on this blog, but sometimes it actually delivers cool vegan shoes to me. In this case, it actually delivered a vegan shop and I found these cool sneakers / trainers on there. These are made out of natural cotton (the uppers) and recycled car tyres and natural rubber (soles). They look really casual and comfortable and are made by Simple Shoes who have a whole ethical thing going on as well.

You can probably get these from all kinds of places, but why not buy from The Chocolate Shoebox and support a vegan owned and run business? They’re in Seattle, but you can order stuff online from wherever.

Mad vegan DEVO men’s shoes from Macbeth

mad vegan shoes for men Finding vegan shoes for men may not be as hard as it used to be, but finding interesting, fun or crazy shoes for men is certainly not easy. Now try finding vegan shoes for men that are also a bit more interesting than your usual Converse-alikes, Vegetarian Shoes utility shoes or badly made knock off cybergoth shoes. Well, I’m happy to report that these shoes from Macbeth exist. Most awesome band Devo actually had some say in the design of this particular model, which comes in glorious reflective silver, fluoro red outsoles and the Devo helmet logo. It’s certainly something I could see the Devo guys wearing on stage and now you could too. Oh yeah, there’s also a version with blue instead of red.

So there you have it guys, now you too can rock a pair of very bold and ever so slightly mad silver loafer-like trainers while still remaining true to your hot vegan self. I’m sure most of you guys will look at these and think “OMG WTF?” (or a suitably manly equivalent), but this is going out to the few of you who wear subdued shoes not because you want to, but because you thought you had to. Urban spacemen unite!

You can view these from the Macbeth site, where you can also find your nearest physical or online store.

Vegan cherry Vans

Vegan vans I’m a sucker for cherries and I have to say I quite like Vans, too. I mean, how cute are these? The cherries are actually embroidered on, not printed, which I think is a really nice touch that makes all the difference.
Being predominantly black, they are certainly of the kind that can be worn with anything. It’s funny how a colourful cherry pattern is one of those patterns that can sort of blend into neutral, isn’t it? (within reason, of course. I wouldn’t match these up with a heavily patterned outfit, unless you REALLY know what you’re doing!).

You can get these in the UK from Schuh. Interestingly, I also found a similar pair on in the US, which is navy coloured and has embroidered strawberries on it!

Simple vegan flowery trainers

Vegan flower trainers Well, while the British summer makes up its mind about what kind of summer it wants to be this year, it’s time to take a look at summer shoes that are light enough to be worn in hot weather but OK (ish) in rain as well.

I didn’t know Poetic License did trainers, but there you go. Another style for this season’s “patterns your grandma would have on her furniture” chintzy / retro influences but with a more modern twist and a simple trainer design. Sweet, colourful and funky (they also come in white and darker pink). All in all, quite useful shoes that are also not that expensive.

Poetic License usually make some pretty weird shoes, so it’s nice to see that sort of craziness contained in something you can wear every day.

You can get them from Amazon.

Vegan crochet trainers

Vegan crochet trainers Summer is here and look what I found! These sweet crochet trainers are airy enough to be worn without socks but are still technically closed toe shoes. I chose the creamy white colour to display as those seem more summery. think skipping merrily down a country lane in tweedy shorts or across a field with your white dress on and flowers in your hair. Of curse, these also come in a very nice black, for your slightly more new wave / goth summery lady or the hard edged urbanite.

Together, they’re like on of those pulp fiction books with the heroine that’s an innocent student by day and a slutty stripper by night. Almost tempted to get both.

You can get either or both of these at Office.

Colourful vegan high top fashion trainers

These fun vegan trainers are made out of nylon and fabric and can apparently be put through the washing machine repeatedly and come out clean and fresh. They come from Brasil, where people are encouraged to wear them to the beach without using socks, and are meant to be breathable and comfortable.

The company, MAZ, apparently keeps bringing out new colour combinations and styles (boots, lace up trainers, velcro-fastened trainers, etc.) for men and women and never repeat the same colour combo twice. I’m pretty sure just about all their shoes are unisex and come in a huge range of sizes, plus kids’ sizes. I’ve picked a particularly girly one to show here, but I assure you there are plenty of colourful manly designs to please the vegan macho man as well.

Yet another awesome footwear company from Brazil, the country that’s given us Melissa Shoes and a few other similar vegan shoe companies. Thanks, Brasil! You guys rock.

You can check out the range of MAZ shoes at the MAZ website. It’s in Portuguese, though. Supposedly you can find out more about how to get them in the UK by mailing: which seems to be some sort of franchise or private import enterprise (here they are on Facebook). You can also check out the more readily available (in the UK, at least) Jinga trainers, also from Brasil.

Vegan Japanese unisex cyber boots

Japanese vegan unisex boots Well, drool me a river! It’s never been easy to pull off the sexy, Gibsonesque, cyberpunk look while still being 100% vegan, but things just got easier. Even better, these gorgeous, futuristic boots are unisex. That’s right, they come in both men’s and women’s sizes! They’re by Fugu shoes, a Japanese company (of course). Have you donated to the Earthquake appeal yet?

They’re made of canvas and are high-tops, so are sort of trainer-like and Converse-like, but, to put it nicely – we’re talking fashion Fiesta Vs cyber Rolls Royce. The best thing about these, though, is that they’ll look equally as great with just normal street clothes – jeans and a T shirt. You don’t have to go crazy with your cyber look, but they’ll make you instantly a thousand times cooler as soon as you put them on.

You can get them from A Sense of Fashion, where there are plenty more Fugu Shoes for you to drool at.