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Vegan rainbow coloured espadrilles

Vegan rainbow espadrille Behold the cute “highlight rainbow” flats from Rock & Candy. I guess summer holds more retro goodness for us. I remember espadrilles were popular when I was a kid, but here they are still popular after a few seasons of 70s and 80s revival. These fun shoes also come in a somewhat less fun but more grown up creamy beige colour, in case the stripy rainbow version clashes with the colour of your yacht or you just can’t figure out what to wear with these.

You can get them from Schuh.

Cute vegan mary jane plastic shoes with bows

Vegan mary jane shoes Right now, spring is certainly looking pretty far away, but I keep telling myself it’s just around the corner. Of course, one of the best ways to feel better while going through winter is to plan ahead for all the cool spring and summer shoes you’ll be wearing next season. With this in mind, I present these super simple, versatile and darling little mary janes by blog favourites, Melissa Shoes.
Wear them everywhere, with everything for all your modern, retro and hipster needs.
They remind me of those cute Chinese shoes that were a big hit in the 90s, but unlike those they are obviously made of Melissa’s patented bubblegum scented plastic and have those big Minnie Mouse bows.

You can get them from Fashion Conscience.

cool vegan strappy flats with cut out hearts

Vegan flats with cut out hearts Oh I do so love these cute TUK shoes with their 3-strap action, cut out hearts and schoolgirl charm!

They have girlie rounded toes and are surprisingly sexy for flat. Maybe it’s all that black and red and the somewhat overstrapped look that makes them a bit reminiscent of some sort of manga bondage fantasy. I’ll leave that up to you, dear readers, to decide. I’m just going to think of how cool they’re going to look on.

You can get them from

Massive vegan lace up platform shoes

Big vegan lace up platform shoes I know this style has been around for years, but I just came across it while cruising for vegan shoes and I do so love it. They’re made by Demonia and I know for a fact they’re quite light, even though the platforms are huge. They’re the sort of shoes you could wear with the straightest outfit and they’d instantly turn it into an alternative punk / goth / almost fetishy costume.

They come in some very big sizes which means they could potentially fit some men too, and I guess they look sort of unisex in a clown shoe sort of way.

You can get them from for $60, which is not at all bad, really.

Mad vegan DEVO men’s shoes from Macbeth

mad vegan shoes for men Finding vegan shoes for men may not be as hard as it used to be, but finding interesting, fun or crazy shoes for men is certainly not easy. Now try finding vegan shoes for men that are also a bit more interesting than your usual Converse-alikes, Vegetarian Shoes utility shoes or badly made knock off cybergoth shoes. Well, I’m happy to report that these shoes from Macbeth exist. Most awesome band Devo actually had some say in the design of this particular model, which comes in glorious reflective silver, fluoro red outsoles and the Devo helmet logo. It’s certainly something I could see the Devo guys wearing on stage and now you could too. Oh yeah, there’s also a version with blue instead of red.

So there you have it guys, now you too can rock a pair of very bold and ever so slightly mad silver loafer-like trainers while still remaining true to your hot vegan self. I’m sure most of you guys will look at these and think “OMG WTF?” (or a suitably manly equivalent), but this is going out to the few of you who wear subdued shoes not because you want to, but because you thought you had to. Urban spacemen unite!

You can view these from the Macbeth site, where you can also find your nearest physical or online store.

Hot new vegan shoe designs coming your way

vegan shoes I got contacted by Petra Holíková, the designer of this beautiful vegan shoes and it made me very happy. Aren’t these amazing? Click the image to go to a bigger image where you can get a really good look! They’re all made of natural cotton and rubber, so very eco friendly and the designs are pretty unique and very beautiful. If you’re anything like me then you’ll be keen to get your hands on these shoes and the good news is that even though these were a project for Holíková ‘s design MA, you will be able to get them very soon.
The bad news it that they’re only coming out in August or September and the site that will sell them is in Slovakia. Still, it’s got English on it, so you won’t need to struggle with a foreign language to own these. I can’t wait myself!

When the time comes, you’ll be able to buy them from Novesta

Vegan handmade crochet shoes

vegan crochet shoes Here’s another piece of vegan coolness off Etsy. These shoes have a really cool story behind them and are handmade in Uruguay. This is actually just one design out of many and you can choose your own colours and design to be handmade for you. I chose this one because it’s the one marked as vegan, while the other designs on show are made with real suede. You can ask for any of them to be made with fake suede, like these. There are a few types of cute sandals and flat shoes with either ties or straps.

They are certainly a bright colour in the hippie backpacker style rainbow (and yes, you can order them in rainbow colours, too!). They would make you feel like you’ve traveled all over South America even if you’ve never been, which is pretty cool.

You can get them on Etsy.

Simple vegan flowery lace ups

vegan lace up shoes These cute and simple vegan lace up shoes are called “molly lace up flats” on Schuh and are very much in keeping with this summer’s chintzy, flowery theme. They seem to be Schuh’s version of the classic plim and reinvent themselves every season with all kinds of new colours and fabrics. This spring / summer they come in beige, too, as well as some sort of embroidered all black thing, but I liked these best because they’re dark enough to go with anything, while still flowery enough to be on trend and interesting. They’re the sort of shoes that will never go out of fashion (chances are, they will fall apart first, as they’re pretty cheap).

You can get them from Schuh.

Cool vegan Japanese split toe ninja shoes

Japanese ninja shoes I love those split toe ninja shoe things, so obviously I like these even more. You’ve got weird shaping, bold colours and Japanese flowers, what else could a girl want?

These come in all kinds of crazy colours with patterns and solid colours. I think I actually want them all!

Do remember that these belong to the “feel every tiny little stone on the road” family of shoes. A ninja needs to walk silently and quietly and feel everything under his or her feet.
Personally, I could have done with a bit more padding on the sole. Saying that, for a chance to be seen in these, I’d run across a field of gravel.

You can get these from Sense of Fashion. Check out the other shoes by the same seller. They even have veggie ninja shoe trainers!

Cute vegan hessian mary jane flats with flower and bow

vegan mary jane shoes These twee and green mary jane flats have a big bow and a big flower giving them an extra cute twist. There are also embroidered bows on the back in pink, to make you go “awww” just a little bit more. Gotta love Poetic License and their attention to detail! These are called “beach bunnie” and while certainly summery, I’m not sure I’d want to wear them to the beach and get sand all over them. I guess it’s more of a state of mind sort of thing, or you could wear them when you’re sitting on the somewhat less damaging wooden decking of the beach cafe, sipping your holiday cocktail. They seem to have rubber soles, so maybe you could even wear them on a boat, who knows?

They also come in a natural hessian colour with nice touches of bright pink (and a green lining). You can get them from Amazon in the US and Irregular Choice in the UK.

Beautifully cute vegan canvas oxfords

Vegan lace up oxfordsThere comes a time in every girl’s life, when it’s time to put pointless infatuations behind, throw caution to the wind and fall in love. With a shoe. OK, so with me it happens almost every other day, but this time, I know it’s the real deal.

These gorgeous blue lace ups from Miss L Fire are beautiful in every way. I was worried about the red trims there for a minute, but they are faux leather, not actual leather. God is obviously smiling down on me from heaven.

You can get these from Modcloth, but if you want a pair, you’d better be quick. They seem to only have a few sizes in stock of the shoes they sell and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Personally, I wouldn’t want to let these slip away!

Unusual vegan side lacing shoes

unusual vegan shoes Thanks to the lovely Lara for tipping me off about these (Hi Lara!). Aren’t they wicked cute? I just love the flared toes and the side lacing, not to mention the very retro styling that looks somewhat like a bowling shoe. These hail from Australia where they’re sold on the site. They’re not cheap, at $200 but I’m pretty sure you won’t see anyone else in your vicinity wearing these. Having had a look at the site, I can confirm that there are loads more hot shoe styles on there – great if you’re into retro. I’m sure I’ll be visiting it again and again to tell you about more of their weird and wonderful vegan shoes.

In the meantime, you can get these from this page.

Cute vegan Lacoste mary jane plims

Vegan lacoste mary jane Lacoste is one of those companies that seem to go in and out of fashion all the time (unless you’re one of those people who’s still living in the 80s on a yacht in a Miami marina, in which case it never went out of fashion). I just got given a Lacoste t shirt by a friend and it’s turned out to be surprisingly versatile and in keeping with my current style. So you can imagine my joy when I saw these for sale, reaffirming my belief in the power of living retro. They’re called “Womens Lacoste Millyann Mary Jane Trainers” (which you’ll need, to search for them on the site) and they are just about cute and different enough to make up for the fact that plims have come back into fashion and are probably going out of fashion again (or would be, if hipsters had something to replace them with).

Apart from these pretty yachting colours, they also come in a black, white and purple combo, which is pretty damn cute too. Perfect every day, casual shoes.

You can get them from Schuh.

Pointy vegan leopard print flats

Vegan leopard print flats For a mere £18 you could do a lot worse than these cute leopard print & black vegan flats. The have a cute bow and pointy toes, making them a little bit interesting.

If you like flats and are looking for new shoes to brighten up your fun, every day collection, then go for it.

Another happy find in the Office sale!

Super minimal vegan foot “stickers”

Footstickers These would be much cooler if they weren’t made by Nike but they’re still pretty damn cool. And weird. Actually, they are in the concept stage, so they are not yet made by Nike, or indeed anyone else.

They’re basically different types of plastic you can stick on your feet to protect them from harm while still supposedly feeling like you’re barefoot. They have different ones for yoga, dance and cardio / combat training.

They could be a handy alternative for those suede-bottomed things I’ve seen dancers wear for types of dance that call for bare feet. I’m just not sure how they would stick on and whether they’d stay and whether it would be comfortable. Those suede-bottomed things just slip on, rather than stick.

You can read more about them here.