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Possibly not vegan! Cool Sorel boots

Vegan sorel waterproof boots

**** A reader went to check these out at the Schuh shop and found some trims on them that looked like very real leather. Apparently not enough leather to make websites that sell these note it on the list of materials, but obviously enough leather to make them not vegan. I’ve not had a chance to check myself, but I suggest that if you want to buy them, go and check for yourself, rather than order them online. It looks like they are almost definitely not vegan. ****

Damn! Not vegan Mad vegan Vegas heels

Crazy vegan heels

I wrote a whole post about these shoes, because they appeared to be vegan on the Schuh site.
However, it turns out they have a bit of leather on them and are not 100% vegan. What a pisser.

I hate it when that happens. Shoe shops forget to mention that there’s a leather trip on the shoe. I was looking at the Irregular Choice site today and it mentions it. Leaving this here as a warning. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, avoid these! They are not vegan.

Not Vegan: heart creepers

vegan heart creepers

UPDATE: See comments below, as these have been found on the TUK site and it says they are not vegan. Everywhere else I’ve seen them says they’re vegan, but I assume TUK know best about what their shoes are made out of. Such a shame!

I wonder why all the other places are saying these are vegan? Could they have been stickered with the wrong stickers or something? If anyone is near a shop where these are sold, I’d be grateful if you could take a look. I might actually write to TUK and ask!

NOT VEGAN! glitter girlie brogue flats

vegan glitter brogues

I had a report from a reader that these shoes have leather lining, after posting about them here. I am leaving this post here as a warning, in case you are interested in buying them. There are plenty of other vegan brogues on my site that are vegan, though I am not sure I have glitter ones.

NOT VEGAN!!! London-themed recycled trainers

vegan recycled trainers with London Underground fabrics

STOP PRESS! I just found this link that seems to be talking about the same shoes (they look the same, anyway) and says they have a leather trim. It’s a recycled leather trim, but still leather.

I thought about removing this post but am leaving it here with this message for now.

This way you can have a warning, in case you were considering buying these shoes. Don’t you just hate it when people stick leather on an otherwise perfectly good vegan shoe for no reason?