Vegan shoes without the legwork

Bourgeois Boheme (shoe company)

A vegan, ethical and sustainable shoe company based in Richmond, London, UK. They sell shoes and boots for both men and women.
The shoes are made from fair trade, eco-friendly materials.
Apart from their own range, they also sell vegan shoes from other companies.

The Bourgeois Boheme style, as the name would suggest is somewhat middle class, ranging from smart to smart casual, but with a slight bohemian feel that can be felt in some styles more than others. A few of their shoes are sourced to mirror popular high-street trends that are more mass-market and cheap looking (the look, not necessarily the quality of the shoe, but I don’t own any myself so can’t tell).

They have a nice enough range of vegan dress shoes for men (i.e. work shoes – the ones you wear with a suit to the office), a good choice of smart casual trainers and boots and a few other cute women’s styles, though they also have a large body of somewhat uninspiring styles.

Their shoes are reasonably priced for a standard high-street shoe. I don’t own any of their shoes but, from what I gather, they have a good reputation.

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