Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan shoe companies

Vegan shoe companies

The companies listed here are specialist vegan shoe manufacturers / shops that make or sell shoes that are 100% vegan. This means no animal products whatsoever are used during the shoe-making process.

Such companies generally also maintain high ethical standards and aim to be environmentally friendly.


Practical, Everyday Vegan Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes – UK-based ethical vegan shoe company providing well-made shoes for men and women. Good every-day shoes of various styles.
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Visit Vegetarian Shoes

Ethical Wares – Another one-stop shop covering a whole range of shoes from every day functional stuff (work shoes, safety footwear) to goth / punk stuff. They also carry vegan dance shoes for both men and women. Their stuff isn’t always the most stylish, but is always well made and long-lasting.

Keep – ethical clothing and shoe company from the US. They mostly make smart casual trainers, boat shoes and kids’ shoes plus accessories.
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Visit Keep Company

Wills Vegan Shoes – Attractive smart and smart casual shoes, boots and trainers for men and women, as well as vegan leather-look accessories. Prices range from under £100 to £200ish, so you get a good choice no matter what your budget is. It’s a good place for guys to find smart vegan work shoes.

Ahimsa – A stylish range of smart / casual shoes for both men and women. Smart trainers, sandals, Derby shoes, boots and low heels. Also sell bags and accessories.

Nae – Fashionable vegan footwear for both men and women. Mostly casual / smart casual, but also some smart work shoes and stuff like that. High-end high-street prices.

Dance Like a Vegan  – an online store selling a range of Latin / ballroom dance shoes, ballet shoes and casual vegan shoes for women and men.

Designer Vegan Shoes

Beyond Skin – posh vegan shoes for women from this small, ethical company. Beautiful designs, but priced accordingly.
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Visit Beyond Skin

Bourgeois Boheme – UK-based ethical and vegan shoe company with a name that sums up their style pretty well and a range of high-street inspired smart and smart casual looks.
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Visit Bourgeois Boheme

Cri de Coeur – eco-friendly, 100% vegan designer shoe and accessory company from New York. High fashion and affordable lines.
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Visit Cri de Coeur

Friendship Shoes  – A London-based brand offering a small but beautiful range of classic, retro-inspired shoes and boots with a cool modern twist. Styles are unisex and sizing is good for both men and women.

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather – 100% vegan designer shoes from France. Gorgeous, unique designs for both men and women.
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Visit the Good Guys website

Melissa Shoes – the original international jelly shoe company from Brazil. They don’t make vegan shoes, they make sexy, accessible designer shoes that are also 100% vegan. If you’re used to thinking jelly shoes suck, it’s time to take another look.
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Visit Melissa Shoes (look but not buy, see review)

Nicora Shoes – Beautiful smart / casual shoes for both men and women. Ethical and eco-friendly. Offer a gorgeous range of shoes with actual wooden heels that are really just wow.

Olsen Haus – Sexy, stylish shoe company from New York that is highly ethical and environmentally friendly too. Lots of beautifully designed styles for women. Not cheap.
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Visit Olsen Haus

Susi Studio – An LA-based high fashion, ethical vegan brand popular with celebs. Make some flats and boots, as well as some truly beautiful platform heels.

Veerah – Classic designer vegan heels with all kinds of funky accessories to add cute, interchangeable twists.

Vegan Sports Shoes

Inov-8  – Hailing from the British Lake District, this company now boasts 100% vegan shoes suitable for road running, a variety of trail running conditions and even park / hybrid shoes. Also sell sports apparel.

Topo Athletic – Make award-winning road running, trail running and gym shoes for both men and women. Fun colour options, including some more subdued designs.

On Running – A Swiss company that makes 100% vegan, highly sought-after running, HIIT and gym shoes, as well as sports fashion.

Newton Running  – 100% vegan, American-made shoes from Colorado. They make trail, road and beginner running shoes for men and women in some really funky colours.

Alternative Vegan Shoes

Iron Fist – Sexy, edgy vegan shoes and clothing hailing from San Diego, USA but popular worldwide.
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Visit the Iron Fist website

Koi Footwear – An inexpensive vegan brand with stuff ranging from young high-street trends to killer platforms, knee-high boots, biker / military style boots and what I can only describe as stripper heels. Some really cute styles.




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